Meat Department

We are proud to provide fresh, top grade meats, poultry and seafood throughout our meat department. Due to our high standards, we offer only the freshest and highest quality products available.

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Deli Department

Whether you need a crowd-pleasing party tray, a deliciously fast fix for dinner, or a quick bite to satisfy an appetite on-the-go, the Bella's Market's delis have the perfect solution for you.

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Produce Department

You will encounter a striking display of colors with the multitude of fruits and vegetables in our produce department. You can see and smell the freshness of the products when you walk through the department.

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Bakery Department

For those who desire traditionally baked products, you will enjoy visiting our bakery department. When you close your eyes and inhale, you will literally taste these freshly baked products.

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Our Mission

To serve our communities at a level that exceeds customer expectations with quality products, competitive prices, outstanding service, and impeccable cleanliness, while striving to always be the best employer possible.

Core Values

Pride: We take pride in what we do, pride in our company and pride in those we work with.

Honesty: We do the right thing because it's right and live our lives with integrity.

Respect: We are considerate of others feelings while valuing diversity and unique contributions.

Commitment: We are committed to honor our relationships with our customers, associates and suppliers.

Motivation: We strive to motivate our team and others to help them achieve their dreams.

Communication: We take responsibility to listen, speak and write clearly to inform others. We believe that good communication builds trust and trust builds cohesion.

Appreciation: We recognize our associates, customers, employees and suppliers for their efforts and results.

Teamwork: We come together as a group of people who are committed to creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and support.

Loyalty: We value loyatly to our customers, to each other, and to our company.

Exceed Expectations: From the quality of our products to the delivery of our customer service, we constantly strive to exceed expectations.